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Wills and Probate Solicitor Dublin

Wills, Probate & Inheritance

In Ireland it has been estimated that approximately 1 in 3 people die without having made any will. When this happens the person is said to have died intestate. This often causes hardship and delays for those who are left behind.  
We recommend that detailed professional advice should always be obtained and carefully considered by you before you make your will.

Every person who owns property, owns or runs a business, is married, or has children who are under 25 years of age should make a will.

 If you are in a relationship not based on marriage you should also put a will in place to make sure that your partner stands to benefit after your death. A valid will is the cheapest method of controlling and directing the future ownership of assets. Unless you are satisfied to let the State dictate what should happen your property after you die you should contact us to tailor a will to your particular needs and wishes. We will help, advise and assist you with all of the stages involved in administering the deceased’s estate.


We advise on the completion of all the inheritance tax forms, make an application to have the Grant of Probate issued, finalise the tax situation, apply for tax refunds (if any apply). We also prepare the appropriate documentation to transfer the deceased's assets to the intended beneficiaries and pay any debts due. Once all assets have been called in and liabilities disposed of and discharged (to include any tax liability) we then distribute the net estate in accordance with the terms of the will if there is one, or the law, if there is not.

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