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Business Start-ups

For some people the dream of someday owning their own business never becomes a reality. Some fear the unknown particularly the legal implications and fail to realise their ambitions. With the right information and advice your goal can be achieved. If you have made the first bold decision to forge your own future you will need to decide the legal framework that best suits your new business. 

Once you have decided whether to be a sole trader, partnership or a limited liability company. You will need to consider setting up a base for your activity.

Business Start Up Dublin

This decision will be made after you have fully understood and considered:

  • What the financial needs and risks are

  • Whether you are averse to being personally liable for your business

  • Whether you want to shoulder or share the work, worry and responsibility

  • How much personal control you want to have over it.


We can act for you in the purchasing or leasing of your new business premises or a base in a  shared service centre. If you are considering leasing a property we can also advise you on ancillary options.

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