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Property Solicitor Dublin


Our firm has extensive experience in the purchase and sale of all types of residential property including houses, apartments, duplex units, pre-63’s, multiple residential dwellings (houses in separate self-contained flats), tax designated – tax incentive properties.

We can assist you with all the legal formalities associated with purchasing or selling property new or second hand either as a home or an investment property.

You may have developed the property since you first bought it and there may be planning issues to be considered at the outset.


Please note that we will need to take up your title deeds from your mortgage provider (if applicable) and it is advisable to let us work on this as soon as you decide to put your property on the market.


Armed with the documents, deeds and early instructions from you we can anticipate pre-contract enquires and requirements of the purchasers or sellers solicitor to smooth the path ahead.


We maintain close contact at all times with your estate agent to ensure that all efforts are made to reduce the stress associated with moving your house.


We seek to anticipate at the earliest opportunity any possible difficulty with your transaction in advance and have developed a special detailed questionnaire which we go through carefully with you. If you are purchasing a property we work closely with you, your mortgage provider and your architect if necessary. We work at finding solutions to solve any potential problems or pitfalls on the horizon. Your file will be handled at all times by an experienced solicitor who will ensure that your transaction runs as smoothly as possible.

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